5 Tier Pink and Gold Wedding Cake

Our stunning 5 tier pink and gold wedding cake for our clients. The cake was adorned with various different design styles and sat pretty on a base of flowers. Everything about the cake worked wonderfully and no doubt our beautiful couple loved it. 


4 Tier Wedding Cake

We made this 4 tier eggless wedding cake on floral base for our lovely couple who got married in Smethwick Gurudwara, Birmingham. It was a pleasure delivering the cake in gurudwara and getting a chance to pray at the same time. Separators gave an extra dimension to the cake, which was finished with edible glitter and plaque. 


Pillow Cake for Mehndi Celebration

Our intricate and elegant pistachio green and peachy pink pillow cake adorned with pearls and diamantes for our lovely bride to be Amina's Mehndi celebration. We had a lovely time working on the finer details on the cake. We hope you will like it too Amina. Enjoy your Mehndi celebrations. 


4 Tier Wedding Cake on Floral Base

We made this beautiful 4 tier wedding cake on floral base for our lovely bride Forida. The sumptuous flavours of salted caramel, chocolate fudge and vanilla were finely complemented with elegant designs which included initials in golden plaque, stencilling and mould work. Floral base had roses, hydrangeas and peonies amongst other vintage flowers. 



3 Tier Wedding Cake with Silhouettes

We absolutely loved making this unique cake for our clients Sonia and Avi, who wanted their cake to portray their love story from the moment they met till the time of proposal. We captured their love story in silhouettes with different tiers telling different part of their journey together. We wish our lovely clients all the very best in their journey of married life together. 


3 Tier Wedding Cake

We made this elegant 3 tier eggless cake for our lovely bride Simran. Adorned with stencil work and silk flowers, whole presentation turned out to be in sync with the decor and the theme. We wish all the best and happiness to our newly married couple.


4 tier Wedding Cake

Our 4 tier wedding cake with intricate edible lace work and edible moulds was finished with jewellery and glitter. Gold glitter separator provided a break in the continuity of the design adding on to the overall effect. The well received cake flavours were chocolate fudge, red velvet and caramel.



Wedding Anniversary Cake

Simple and elegant anniversary cake we made for a very special couple celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary. Cake was adorned with sugar moulds and sugar flowers. Lots of love and best wishes to celebrating couple.


6 tier Wedding Cake 

Stunningly beautiful cake we made for our clients Amrit and Manpaal. 6 tiers of this cake encased peach and gold colour scheme and  finished with pomander of sugar petals on top. Sumptuous flavours included lemon, coconut and chocolate orange. 


4 tier Wedding Cake

This 4 tier wedding cake we had delivered and set up for our clients Selina and Tony for their special day at Willows Banqueting, Fairlop, Essex. 


4 tier Ivory and Gold Wedding Cake

We would like to thank our lovely bride Kirendeep, who was kind enough to send us the picture of their wedding cake. It looked scintillating and we couldn't feel more proud than we are at the moment. Thank you Kirendeep and best wishes from us.


4 tier Ivory and Gold Wedding Cake

Set up of our ivory and gold wedding cake for lovely couple, Kirendeep and Tarminder, at Lakeview Marquee, Fairlop. 


Vintage Floral - 4 tier Wedding Cake

Our lovely couple, Ruby and Adam, were kind enough to send us their picture of cutting our beautiful creation Vintage Floral. Thank you Ruby, you both look wonderful. 


Zelda themed Wedding Cake

Zelda game inspired wedding cake for our lovely couple at Parklands, Quendon with edible multi coloured Rupees.


3 Tier Ruby Wedding Anniversary Cake

This 3 tier cake were adorned with intricate lace design work and hand crafted sugar roses. We delivered and set this cake at Laguna Banqueting Hall in North London. 

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4 Tier vintage Floral Cake

Extremely excited to showcase our fresh flower, garden themed, bespoke vintage cake, which we delivered and set up for our clients, Poonam and Priyesh at lovely Fennes Estate in Essex. We are thrilled with our first attempt of creating a cake using fresh flowers. The results were far better than what we expected. 

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5 Tier Waterfall Glitter Cake

Our gorgeous 5 tier cake imitating waterfalls, which we made, delivered and set up for our clients Anneka and Jinit at Lancaster Hotel, London. We loved creating this elegant and truly vintage cake for this lovely couple.

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Pillow Mehndi Cake

Our first pillow cake for the mend celebration of our client Adeeba. It was a pleasure creating this splendid cake and we didn't want to stop working on it. 

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4 Tier Royal Wedding Cake

Our elegant and show stopping 4 tier wedding cake delivered and set up for our beautiful bride Taslima and groom Russell at Premier Banqueting, Harrow Wealdstone. We absolutely loved the simplicity, elegance and royalty oozing out of the cake. 

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Vintage Romance - 4 tier floral cake

Our romantic vintage floral wedding cake beautifully captured by very talented husband and wife team, Hassan and Shahara Photography. Visit them for all your photographic and wedding video needs at www.hassanandshahara.co.uk.


Vintage Romance - 4 tier floral cake

4 tier lace and floral wedding cake for our lovely bride Ruby, which we delivered and set up at majestic, grand and beautiful venue right in the heart of hustle and bustle of London, The Grand Connaught Rooms. The high ceilings and mirrors complimented the luxury and grandeur of the cake and made it look even more luxurious. 


Dholki Cake

Another creative challenge, first of its kind for us and an amazing experience. It turned out to be very colourful and pretty cake. Delivered to our bride Taslima's mend celebrations at High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire. 

Talk to us today for your dream cake, we do hand deliver our beautiful cakes throughout UK, your venue is never too far for us. 


Hand Painted Floral Cake

Our hand painted cake, delivered and set up for our lovely bride Ruby's mehndi celebrations at Penridge Suite, Southgate, London. 


Sushi Themed Birthday Cake

We had so much fun creating this eggless Sushi themed cake for Mr Mulchandani's 60th birthday at Meridian Grand, North London. It was a creative challenge to day the least and we loved every minute of creating it. 

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5 Tier Dotted Cake with Floral Cascade

After a hectic few weeks with work and holidays, only now we could manage to update our blog with our latest wedding cake, which we delivered and had set up at amazingly beautiful Parklands, Quendon. We wish all the best to the newly wedded couple.

The design was elegant and classic and the flavours were sumptuous too. With red velvet, vanilla and rich dark chocolate, one could hardly go wrong. 

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Happy Birthday Eesha

We made this cake for one of our close friend's daughter's 3rd birthday and they were kind enough to send pictures of the cake. Once again, we wish Eesha a very happy birthday. We are certain that you enjoyed your birthday and especially the cake.

This was our first attempt on checkerboard cake and we are pleased with the results. You might see it as one of our regular options from now on!! 







Asian Bride Live Show, Olympia, 2015

Now the show is over, we were having a look back at it. What a tremendously successful show it was for us. It was our pleasure to meet so many prospective brides and grooms. The reaction we got from them and generally from the people who stopped by at our stand was overwhelmingly positive. I believe our designs were exclusive, grand, intricate and had a wow factor.

We are now in a process of getting back to all those prospective brides and grooms who left their details with us to contact them. We will be calling them for cake consultations in due course.

It was also amazing to meet so many suppliers who had very varied and interesting products and services on offer. The venues on the show were amazing, caterers delightful and so many inspirational designers and photographers. We were glad to be in presence of so many creative people.







National Asian Wedding Show 2015 at Excel, London

We had two thrilling and exciting days at National Asian Wedding Show at Excel on 10th and 11th October, 2015 at Excel, London. The response was amazing. We thank all those prospective brides and grooms, families and others who stopped by at our stand, enquired with us and are now coming for cake tasting sessions. We also thank all those other suppliers who supported us and are willing to work with us, you made our day. The organisers, Manny and his team were more than helpful. We are looking forward to exhibiting on many more shows with you in the future. 

For those who couldn't meet us on the day, just contact us anytime and we will be more than happy to reply.


Lego Cake and Money Cake for our client

It's been a busy couple of weeks for Vintage Cakes. Two cakes for my nephew and brother inlaw. It was so much fun creating these unique cakes. Happy Birthday again to them both xx


Vrajesh's Engagement Cake

Today, 7th of June 2015 we delivered a 3 tier eggless engagement cake at the City Pavilion, Essex. A simple yet elegant quilt design, personalised plaque with the couples' initials with edible lace are prominent features on this beautiful cake. As a norm with Vintage Cakes, everything you see on the cake is edible. 

Congratulations to Vrajesh and his fiancée, who came to us through our clients' recommendation, the clients who were tremendously happy with our services so as to put our name forward even before receiving their wedding cake.


Gold and Floral Wedding Cake

On Saturday 6th of June 2015, we delivered a gold and floral 6 tier eggless wedding cake at the Decorium, London. The cake was decorated with edible hand crafted sugar flowers such as Avalanche roses and sweet peas to name a few. Congratulations to the newly wed couple x


Leopard Print Birthday Cake with Edible Uggs

Edible Leopard print chocolate cake decorated with edible Mac make up set and Uggs for our client on her birthday. 


Princess Doll Chocolate Cake

We loved every moment of making this chocolate cake for our niece's 4th birthday. It was flavoured with Oreo and chocolate hazelnut buttercream. It was our first attempt on princess doll cake and were pretty thrilled with the results ourselves! We are glad our niece and her family loved the cake. We wish her a very happy birthday on behalf of www.vintagecakes.co.uk. Enjoy!!      


5 tier Wedding Cake

5 tier vanilla bean wedding cake for our client with edible lace detail on alternate tiers, flavoured with mango and passionfruit buttercream and decorated with pink and raspberry sugar roses and hydrangeas.


Cupcake Tower Wedding Cake

Wedding cake for our client, comprising of 6" Victoria sponge flavoured with mango and passion fruit buttercream, 110 Victoria Sponge cupcakes with candy floss flavoured buttercream swirl and 110 red velvet cupcakes with hazelnut buttercream, made and delivered on 04-10-14 at Guoman Tower Hotel, London. 


Beano themed birthday cake

This Beano themed birthday cake we made and delivered today, 24-09-14, for our daughter's friend's birthday. 


Cigarillo Cake

Vanilla and white chocolate cake covered with white cigarillos and pink sugar roses, we made and delivered for our client on her birthday. 


Alice in Wonderland Inspired Cake

Alice in Wonderland inspired topsy turvy cake we made and delivered on 01-09-14 to our client on their 50th birthday. It was in fact a surprise birthday party organised by the colleagues of our client. 

Call us today to discuss your cake project. 


Our Client Hagar's Birthday Cake

An hombre styled cake for our client for her birthday on 28-06-14, complete with handcrafted sugar flowers including roses, hydrangeas, freesias and blossoms.

Contact us today if this kind style of cake entices you and order. 


Vintage Sparkle

Totally egg free Victoria Sponge with various different buttercream flavours themed on glitz and glamour of Vegas casino we recently made for our client's wedding on 24-08-14.

Contact us and get no obligation quotation for a cake of your dreams.


Vintage Cascade

We made this 5 tiers wedding cake for our clients, who got married on 19-07-14.

All the tiers were red velvet with different flavoured buttercreams in different tiers. It had the piping detail on various tiers and decorated with the cascading of flowers including roses, sweet peas and many more.

For no obligation enquiries and appointments, please contact us


Mrs Joughin's Retirement

We made some red velvet cupcakes as a small gesture for Mrs Joughin, Ishika's school teacher, who is retiring today (09-07-14). 

We wish you all the best for your retirement Mrs Joughin. We hope that you will make the most of this wonderful time and have lots of fun. 

We would like take this opportunity to thank you for all the effort, hard work and patience with which you have death with Ishika and made her the person who she is today. Her report for this year is out now and we are more than glad to see her achieving A's in core subjects and can not deny how hard you worked with her. 

Once again thank you very much for all your effort Mrs Joughin. 


Romantic Ruffle

Our wedding cake for Avani & Vinay at the Best Western, Hemel Hempstead as on 28-06-14. We absolutely loved making the cake, fully egg free. Congratulations to the lovely couple. 


Peach and Coral Lace Cake - 4th of the 4 cakes from last week

Once we delivered Orchid Cascade, we immediately headed back home, picked up Peach and Coral Lace Cake and made our way to Parklands, Quendon, Essex. We needed to set up the cake before 06:00 PM and time was of essence here. Luckily we didn't encounter any traffic on our way and were well before the scheduled time leaving us relaxed and comfortable. I can't stress enough the importance of being completely relaxed whilst setting up the cake so that one can conduct the whole operation without a glitch.

Peach and Coral Lace Cake was a beautiful creation. It was a 3 tier cake with separators; covered with edible lace and satin ribbon. It was then adorned with hand crafted sugar flowers including peach lilies, coral hydrangeas and cream roses. All 3 tiers were of different flavours namely Limoncello with lemon buttercream, Red Velvet with cream cheese and Madagascan Vanilla with Vanilla buttercream and raspberry conserve. The newly weds were aptly spoilt for choice.


Vintage Graduation Economics Cake - 3rd of the 4 cakes from last week

Vintage Graduation Economics Cake was a special surprise celebration cake ordered by our clients, who were celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary. This was their surprise cake for their daughter. It took some time and few brain storming sessions to come up with this scintillating design. We prepared her favourite, Red Velvet cake with cream cheese frosting.

The idea behind the design was to show case a book idly kept on the park bench along with mortarboard (graduation cap) and scroll, all of which, including the park bench, was edible and made with variety of different sugars.


Orchid Cascade - 2nd of the 4 cakes from last week

After the Minion Cake was collected by customer, we immediately left to deliver the 2nd cake of the day, aptly named Orchid Cascade. Our client also requested a 2nd celebration cake, more about it in the next post.

This beautiful cake was 3 tier, covered with fondant icing; edible lace; hand crafted sugar orchids and foliage in different shades. It was adorned with satin ribbon and Swarovski crystals. The use of separators supplemented height and the overall profile of the cake was impressive.

All 3 tiers of the cake were different flavours. This trend is becoming hugely popular with our customers right now. The top tier was Banana Cake with Chocolate Hazelnut frosting. Middle tier was Chocolate Cake with Chocolate frosting and bottom tier was ever popular Victoria sponge with Mango and Passionfruit frosting. Our Mango and Passionfruit frosting seems to be a major hit with our clients, it is such a delightful flavour. One has to try it to fully enjoy it.


Minion Cake - 1st of the 4 cakes from last week

Immensely busy last week saw us prepare 4 intricately designed cakes, for different clients,delivered and set up too.

First of them was a Minion Cake, a birthday celebration cake for our client, which we simply could not deliver because of other delivery commitments and had to arrange with the clients to collect the cake. It was a challenge for us to get it right. It was our first attempt at making a Minion and we thoroughly enjoyed every minute of creating it, although it was pain staking at times.

We leave it you to decide and make your own opinion about it.


Peacock inspired Wedding Cake

This week is by far our busiest week yet. We have 3 wedding cakes and 2 celebration cakes to deliver and set up, all on the same day, Saturday, 7th September, 2013!!! More on that in coming days.

On 31st August, 2013, we'd set up a wedding cake for our client in VIP Lounge, Wembley. It was the 1st time we prepared the wedding cake which were 3 independent cakes on the cake stand. Our client specifically wanted the work detail on top of all the cakes so stacking was not possible. The cake was accompanied with 2 tray bakes as well.

The Gerberas, Roses and Hydrangeas, which were all hand crafted sugar flowers along with edible peacock feathers, defined each individual tier. The icing detail and the satin turquoise ribbon together with ribbon bow made it completely vintage.  


Wedding Cake for our client Sharni

Following the delivery and setting up of Engagement Cake for Minu at Swami Narayan Temple in Neasden, we made our way to set up the second cake.

This cake was for our client Sharni at Cobham Hall in Kent. This was a 4 tier cake with different flavour for each tier. These included Banana Cake with Chocolate Hazelnut, Red Velvet with Cream Cheese, Lemoncello with Lemoncello buttercream and Victorian Sponge with Passionfruit. Variety of different flavours would have surely played with the taste buds of our client Sharni and her guests. Besides there were two tray bakes as well, Lemoncello and Red Velvet.

The design included an array of piping details on different tiers; hand crafted sugar flowers including Roses and Hydrangeas; edible cameo on the 2nd tier as well as edible lace on the bottom tier. Swarovski crystals added sparkle and glamour to the whole cake.


Mystic Sunset - Cake for our client Thushy

Finally the cake was ready with all the final touches and design aspects completed and delivered at the venue promptly.

We loved the contrasting blend of orange and gold on this cake. The hand crafted Cymbidium Orchids, Roses and Hydrangeas complemented the cake well and we received rave compliments even when we were setting up the cake in the venue!! That was very encouraging.

Flavours were equally and essentially tropical. Whilst banana cake with chocolate hazelnut frosting was rich, flavourful and sumptuous, vanilla cake with mango and passion fruit frosting and also vanilla cake with fresh british strawberries were very summery and tropical.

We wish the happy couple all the very best for their future married life. We do hope that they enjoyed their celebrations with the big helping of our cake.


Tropical Storm - Our latest Cake

Our latest creation, Tropical Storm, is a 3 tier cake with separators for our client, Sadia. First of all, please accept our hearty compliments and well wished on your wedding. Everything looked fabulous, be it the venue, stage set up or table decorations. And we believe the cake was the best, but then we will say that, won't we!

We named the cake Tropical Storm because of the explosion of colours on the cake. The use of various handcrafted sugar flowers brought the life into the cake. The bright colours of flowers, such as Anthuriums, Monstera Deliciosas, Vanilla Orchids and Vanda Orchids to name a few, complimented each other and the cake perfectly. 

The cake flavours were Chocolate with Chantilly Cream, Banana with Chocolate Hazelnut and Red Velvet with Cream Cheese. Incredibly delicious and flavoursome. I must say that this cake is by far the favourite of mine.


Hello Kitty Inspired 1St Birthday Cake

Hey All,

Its been a busy last few weeks. 

We went to Mayfair Millenium Hotel on 31st May, 2013 to deliver a Hello Kitty inspired 1st birthday cake. It was a two tier all pinky, all girly, all flowery cake. I think it looked gorgeous and I am sure it tasted fine too. You can't really go wrong with Vanilla and Black Forest flavours, can you! That too, with cream cheese frosting and Madagascan Vanilla frosting complimented the cakes nicely.

We had an exhilarating experience designing this particular beauty, I hope you'll all like it as much as we did. 

Now, work has already started on designing the next cakes which have been booked prior by our clients, the spirits are high and the excitement is in the air as always.

Watch this space. Meanwhile, take care and be merry.