• Bespoke and personalised cakes, made fresh as per your requirements.
  • We cater for all occasions, whether they are birthday cakes, anniversary cakes, engagement cakes, celebration cakes, baby shower cakes or any other joyous occasion.
  • Choose from vast but not exhaustive list of our flavours.  
  • Contact us today to discuss your design and a no obligation quote.

Pillow Mehndi Cake
Money Cake
Renee's Make Up Cake
50th Birthday Cake
Alice in Wonderland Cake
Beano Cake
Book Cake
Cigarillo Cake
Pink Tiara Birthday Cake
Hagar's Birthday Cake
Jayden's 1st Birthday Cake
Lace Hat Box Cake 1
Minion Cake
Vintage Graduation Cake
Zebra print birthday cake
3 tier Ruby Wedding Anniversary Cake
Lego Cake
Princess Doll Cake
25th Anniversary Cake
60th Birthday Cake
Baby Shower Cake
Birdcage Cake
Bridge's Birthday Cake
Damarabi's Birthday Cake
Garden of Eden Cake
Hand Painted Cake
Mehndi Cake
Raffle Cake